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Hyperion for Desktop

I stumbled across the Hyperion project trying to find a way to access my motherboard’s RGB LED controller. After watching a demo of the bias lighting software, computer case illumiation seemed lame as hell. The project is described as an open source “AmbiLight” alternative. A lot of effort and attention went into the project and it’s a breeze to install and configure. The Hyperion package installs with a server and several clients providing for hue/brightness control and a ton of animations in addition to the bias lighting effect.…
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Infrared, a CEC Injection Alternative

A few years ago, I decided to replace my three 1080p monitors in favor of a single 4k television. I’m not entirely sure what contributes to the massive discrepancy in price between monitor and TV, but for my purposes, text editing and Internet surfing, I doubt I’ll ever fully understand. There are a few minor inconveniences, but they can be overcome. The first, assuming your hardware is capable of 3840 x 2160, is getting it at 60hz through HDMI 2.…
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New website. First post.
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