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Hyperion for Desktop

bias lighting The Hyperion package installs with a server and several clients to handle screen capture. I recommend using (next generation) as it’s far easier to configure. The classic edition depends on a standalone configuration generator (HyperCon). Parts To determine the power supply you’ll need, it’s helpful to know most strips are 60 LEDS per meter and each WS2812b can consume 0.06 amps at full brightness. I used 3 meters (182 LEDs) for my 40" display and needed a 12A power supply.…
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Infrared, a CEC Injection Alternative

There are solutions in the form of CEC injectors, commonly used in Kodi setups, but they’re like $40 dollars. All you need is an Arduino and IR. Parts Arduino or ATmega328P clone IR receiver and transmitter Software Xscreensaver Arduino IDE Sherriff’s IRRemote library Perl Instruction Install Sherriff’s IRRemote library in the Arduino IDE.Ctrl+Shift+I to manage libraries. Connect the IR receiver (5v, ground, and data) to capture your remote control’s power signal.…
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New website. First post.
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